Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kent, CT

Hello from CT! Yesterday was a landmark day for several reasons. I made it through NY state and crossed the two thirds mark, only 722.4 miles to go! I have decided to slow down a bit so that I can meet up with Bonesey at his parents place in CT in a few days. Bonesey and I hiked together from the Shenandoah's to Harper's Ferry, WV. It will be nice to have a hiking partner again, hopefully for the rest of the way to Mt. Katahdin. Yesterday I did my first 'slackpack', which means you arrange for someone such as an outfitter to pick up your backpack and take it to your destination. All I carried yesterday was food and water and it made all the difference. It felt like I was on a leisurely walk in the woods. Do I feel guilty? Not really. It felt great to mix things up a bit especially since I was mentally drained after hiking through NY state. I'm taking a zero day today in Kent, CT with Kiwi, Couscous, Stud the Dud and August Rush. I hope everyone is doing well. Rocket

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bear Mountain, NY

I'm part way through NY and not much has changed since my last post. Nicole has come for a short visit and we are just lounging around. Here are a few photos from Harper's Ferry, WV to Bear Mtn, NY. Take it easy everyone.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Jersey

Wow, long break between posts and a lot has happened. I left Harper's Ferry, WV on July 24 and have walked through West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and am now half way through New Jersey. Maryland and southern PA were great, flat and easy. Northern PA lived up to its reputation for rocky trails. I never knew there could be so much variation in 'rocky terrain'. My feet were touching rock for most of this section and these are not nice, flat rocks. These rocks range from small and pointy to large boulders that require both hands to climb up and over. New Jersey has not shown much relief to the rocks and I suspect New York will be no different. I've decided to take a zero day today here at the "Mayor's House" in Unionville, NY since I've averaged 25 miles a day since leaving Harper's Ferry, WV and have had no breaks. I'm headed for Fort Montgomery, NY where Nicole will meet me on Friday. After that I hope to be non stop all the way to VT, NH and then ME! I am really looking forward to getting into more rugged terrain. I hope to update before then but if not, everyone take care and thanks for all the support!