Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kent, CT

Hello from CT! Yesterday was a landmark day for several reasons. I made it through NY state and crossed the two thirds mark, only 722.4 miles to go! I have decided to slow down a bit so that I can meet up with Bonesey at his parents place in CT in a few days. Bonesey and I hiked together from the Shenandoah's to Harper's Ferry, WV. It will be nice to have a hiking partner again, hopefully for the rest of the way to Mt. Katahdin. Yesterday I did my first 'slackpack', which means you arrange for someone such as an outfitter to pick up your backpack and take it to your destination. All I carried yesterday was food and water and it made all the difference. It felt like I was on a leisurely walk in the woods. Do I feel guilty? Not really. It felt great to mix things up a bit especially since I was mentally drained after hiking through NY state. I'm taking a zero day today in Kent, CT with Kiwi, Couscous, Stud the Dud and August Rush. I hope everyone is doing well. Rocket

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