Thursday, April 23, 2009

Franklin, NC and 100 mi mark

Hi all,
I'm in Franklin, NC at the famous Haven Budget Inn. I was hoping to stay at the hostel next door ran by Miss Janet but of course they closed that yesterday. It took Matt from Maine (who is now 'Transition', and I awhile to to get into town. After an hour of failed hitching attempts we called Ron Haven from the Inn and he sent someone after us. The last few days of hiking have been perfect. Pretty easy except for a couple of 5000 + ft. climbs over Standing Indian Mtn and Albert Mtn Great views from the top though. Tuesday night was very cold, probably in the 20's with a strong wind. It was slow going the next morning. I've started hearing a lot more turkey calling and I flushed a grouse the other day. Today I heard about a dozen grouse 'drumming'. We past a sign yesterday warning us that there is a bear in the area stealing food bags that shows no fear of humans. Donny was carrying firecrackers so we felt pretty safe, ha! I'm sad to say it but Donny left us today. He met someone going to Asheville and said that he heard it was a cool town so once we got to the road crossing he was gone. He wasn't planning to go the whole way anyway. I hit the 100 mile mark today! Hard to believe I've gone that far already and only 2000 more to go. I plan to be in Fontana Dam by Monday or Tuesday. Not sure about internet though. Thanks for all of the emails (and poems). They're great! Still no trail name. Take it easy.



  1. Zach, For the record its much easier to follow your progress on here, its great. Ok, hold on tight to your sanity, trip sounds amazing. Good going ! Jess

  2. I agree, easier to follow you here. Sounds like you are doing well and making good progress. We expect you at the GMWSRS in early Sept!