Friday, May 1, 2009

Standing Bear Farm, TN

I'm at Standing Bear Farm hostel today where I stopped for a frozen pizza. I'm headed for Max Patch this afternoon and then on into Hot Springs, NC by Sunday. This is the first chance I've had to use the internet since my last post so I'll quickly catch you up. I've basically gone from Franklin to the Nantahala Outdoor Center (very tough section) to Fontana Dam, and into the Smokies. Spent an afternoon at a biker bar in Gatlinburg,, what a place. I just got out of the smokies today and am looking forward to a day off in Hot Springs, NC. Got drenched this morning but all is still good. I'll update soon. OH, I got my trail name...Rocket!



  1. Hey Son. Sounds like you're moving right along. Sorry about Miss Janets place being closed. Sounded like a famous spot. YOu only go 2000 more mile to go so I'm sure you'll find more opportunities! Any bear yet? Was the passage clear in the smokies, big views, old growth forest, how were the balds, etc.. Know you don't have much time. Rocket's the name I'd give you too. You're flying!!! YOu'll be done soon if you don't slow down. I leave for Hong Kong in the morning 5:30am, yuck! I'll fly out over your head as I head to Chicago to catch my long flight over. I'll lokk down and think about where you are. Should be just about right over top! So as you hear a big jet go over around 7:30m or 7:45 look up, it's your Dad. Back on Thursday night late (5/07/09). I love you Son! Be careful out there and have fun. Everybody I know wishes they were doing the same thing!

  2. get'er done rocket! sounds like a good name to me. hows the harmonica playing coming along? take care and have fun.....
    rocket red straight to the head/

  3. It might be a hard transition for some of us to rocket from ZTS, but we're trying. Sounds like you are having a blast and some awesome adventures. Keep on keepin' on...we'll be waiting for you up north!