Sunday, May 10, 2009


Since hanging out in Boone, NC for a couple of days I have found time to add some photos and some more videos from the past few weeks. Enjoy!



  1. Hey Son! Was great to see you this past weekend. Your looked different, in a good way, very trail hardened at this time I'd say! You seem to be in full go mode now, ready for whatever lies ahead. You don't know how bad I wanted to go with you, I'll tag along via these updates. The pictures bring it to life, thanks for taking the time.

    Hope to be able to surprise you up north some time this summer. Mom and I will bring more trail majic as we saw first hand how much it is apprecaited by all the hilkers.

    Keep up the great progress, enjoy the trip, I mean it, ENJOYE THE TRIP, it's more special than you know right now!
    The hard stuff makes the nice stuff nicer!

    I Love You


  2. Thanks for the pics, ZTS, it looks like you have seen some beautiful and awesome sights. I agree w your dad, the pics give those of us back here an idea of what you have been doing! It is also funny to see the progression of your beard through the pics. When are you going to tell us to send you a package? I have one ready! Hope you had fun w the fam and Nicole and we'll see you up North.