Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lexington, VA

Hi all,
I'm here in Lexington, VA with Nicole and my parents taking a day off from the trail. I've been treated to several great meals and even a massage. Nicole is going to hike with me for the next couple of days through central VA. She's brought me a new pair of shoes which are much needed after 740 miles in my old pair. My pack weight has dropped signficantly since the warm weather has hit, despite increasing my food supply. I've sent my cold weather gear, camp shoes and other misc items home. My pack weighs about 20-23 pounds with food and water and I'm able to hike pretty fast. However, I'm planning to slow my pace (15-20 miles) after averaging over 25 miles a day since getting to VA. The 10-12 hour days are taking their toll, and although I'm enjoying putting back a lot of miles, I am beginning to feel it in my feet. In addtion to the past few days of consistent downpours, my feet are in desperate need of rest. I'm looking forward to getting to the Shenandoah's in about a week and then Harper's Ferry, WV, the unofficial halfway point! I've come over a third of the way now and am still feeling pretty good. I'm still meeting a lot of new people on the trail but hope to see some of my 'Slippery Slopers' soon. Take care everyone.


Appalachian Treadway 2

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  1. Hey,

    It's good to hear from you and see all your wonderful pictures. I think of you often and pray you are doing well.

    Say hello to Nicole for us.

    We love you!!!
    Uncle Dennis and Aunt Debbie