Saturday, May 16, 2009

Damascus, VA

I'm now in Damascus, VA, have been since Thursday evening. Trail Days is going on right now and this town caters to thru-hikers! I'm staying at a hostel called 'The Place' which is a ran by a Methodist Church. The Baptist Church next door is where I spend most of my time though and I'll tell you why. They provide free hot showers out of a disaster relief trailer, free internet, free coffee, a free dinner, free snacks and hiker goody bags, and the best part, free medical check ups. They did a complete blood work up, body fat test and advice to keeping my body fat higher than what it was at 12 %, foot care (a guy actually cleaned my feet and then gave me free socks) and then a consoltation with a doctor! Did I mention this was all FREE! It is absolutely amazing what this church does for hikers and bikers every single year so thanks to the Baptist Church of Damascus, VA! Today the town will have a hiker parade and I've heard that the locals throw water balloons and squirt you with water guns. Then there is the talent show and maybe music again tonight. I'm currently hanging out with the 'Slippery Slope' crew. I'm planning to crawl out of this town either tonight or tomorrow, or until they kick me out.


P.S. Mom and Dad, I've met a lot of people that loved your trail magic and said thank you so much! Oh! And I saw my first bear and cub on Thursday! I have a video so I'll upload it when I can.

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  1. Hey Rocket, keep it in your pocket! I knew "satchel" would eventually fade, but thought it was perfect for the trail since you live out of one! Seriously though keep up the inspirational life style and the pictures are amazing. Proud of you satchel...